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Thanks to Decisional engineering, a company will be able to adapt itself - from now on uninterrupted - to an environment always more changing.

It will free itself from this lay out, followed recasting of its structures, whose delicate implementation is so often pushed away, deferred even, because of resistances and social cost which often a reform generates.

This permanent evolution - without break - of the organizations, such is one of first contributions of Decisional engineering.
Already is what makes innovation.
Consequently we imagine the profit that can remove from it at once a SME, institution, a group, even a great administration.

                                                                                                             The committee of support
Honor President, HRH the Prince Carlos Hugo of Bourbon Parme, was student in Paris and Oxford before integrating in 1952 Deutsche Bank and the Federation of the German industry at the height of the rebuilding. Following his studies undertaken in Yugoslavia, China, Japan and Latin America, HRH was invited in Harvard (where he will be established between 1980 and 1999) to form part of university research with Pr Benjamin Brown, Sam Huntington and John Galbraith on subjects such as the establishment of the limits of the effects of the economic macro policies on the societies in process of globalisation.
All at the same time President of the advisory Council of the EAIE, European Association for International Education, and President founder of the Development FINDEST and Research center which organizes exchanges of professors between the Latin America, Spain and Europe, HRH currently puts the last hand at a work making the synthesis of its work whose topic is the revealing of the lines of fracture which continue throughout the world between the state of the economies and led policies, thus brushing the outlines of as many challenges to take up. He regularly has to give conferences.
S.A.R le Prince Carlos Hugo de Bourbon Parme
Monique Butaeye d'Hollander, born in Brussels, after studies of economy, management, architecture and art history, both in France, England and Flemish Belgium, took charge during about twenty years of an office specialized in the spot follow-up of international assistances. Madam Butaeye of Hollander is Adviser in international relations for the economic and cultural development today and participates in the activities of several big associations.
Monique Butaeye d’Hollander